Chinese Americana: Prologue

If you asked me what I was working on last year, chances are I talked about how I was driving to small Utah towns searching for Chinese restaurants.

I spent hundreds of miles on the road and the project took me months to complete. I didn’t really know what I would find or how I would write about it. But I knew I would find something.

I have to thank Mary Brown Malouf and Glen Warchol, my editors at Salt Lake Magazine. I had big plans and Mary and Glen supported me from the very first day I pitched them this idea and kept cheering me on every step of the way.Continue reading “Chinese Americana: Prologue”

Leftovers | Handle

A couple of months ago, I posted a photo of an interior shot of Handle in Park City, Utah, which was featured in Utah Style & Design. But I think some of the food pics and portraits that I shot turned out pretty well, too.Continue reading “Leftovers | Handle”

Utah Style & Design Magazine | Handle

One of my photos of Handle in Park City, Utah is featured in the winter issue of Utah Style and Design. I’m hoping to make this a regular feature in the magazine where I capture interesting, well designed restaurant interiors. The photo above is the full frame picture how I shot it. Below is the cropped version and how it appears in print.

Screen Shot 2015-01-06 at 3.42.51 PM

That’s a wrap, 2014

My career took a few unexpected turns in 2014. I moved from newspapers to magazines, my photography started garnering more attention than my writing and I had photos featured in three different national publications including, AFAR Magazine, and Wine Enthusiast.

Locally, here in Salt Lake City, I got to be part of the launch of a new food-centric magazine called Devour Utah. I put together a feature about the rise of the SLC food scene. I wrote the story, shot all the pictures, and one of those photos made the cover.

I jokingly bragged to a few close friends using a basketball analogy and called my achievement a “journalistic triple-double.”

Continue reading “That’s a wrap, 2014”

Leftovers | Eva’s Bakery dinner session

I photographed a dinner event at Eva’s Bakery for Salt Lake Magazine a couple of weeks ago. You can find that story here. Here are some of the outtakes from that photo shoot.Continue reading “Leftovers | Eva’s Bakery dinner session”

The Pago & Finca sessions

I met Scott Evans for coffee one day last winter and it turned into an impromptu interview. We were talking about my upcoming projects and when told I was going to write a story about Salt Lake dining, I realized that he would definitely need to be included.

Evans currently runs two successful restaurants with completely different concepts and he has more on the way. Pago is his take on casual fine-dining and Finca is his tapas joint. I decided to tackle photographing both of his restaurants in the same afternoon.

The sessions went well and one of my photos was later picked up by Wine Enthusiast Magazine for a piece where they named Salt Lake City one of the five best up-and-coming food cities in America.

Continue reading “The Pago & Finca sessions”

Leftovers | Publik Coffee Roasters

The Utah Review published a pictorial I did about Publik Coffee a few weeks ago. Here’s another look at the place with some alternates from that photo shoot.

Continue reading “Leftovers | Publik Coffee Roasters”

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