Society of Professional Journalists award

This news is coming a little late, but I guess late is better than never. Earlier this summer, I won a Society of Professional Journalists award for a Salt Lake magazine piece I did last year. I took home the second place prize in the Best Magazine Writing category for my story documenting Chinese diaspora…Read more Society of Professional Journalists award

Chinese Americana: Prologue

If you asked me what I was working on last year, chances are I talked about how I was driving to small Utah towns searching for Chinese restaurants. I spent hundreds of miles on the road and the project took me months to complete. I didn't really know what I would find or how I…Read more Chinese Americana: Prologue

A fond farewell to a friend

I don't shoot many landscapes but this has got to be one of my favorite photos that I've ever taken, mostly because of the sentimental value. My dear friend Michael Yeh, who was born and raised in Salt Lake, was moving to Houston. We were planning on making the 22+ hour drive together and I had…Read more A fond farewell to a friend

Grand Central Market | DTLA

Grand Central Market in Downtown Los Angeles, which has been in continuous operation since 1917, has changed a lot over the decades. Vendors and purveyors have come and gone as storefronts evolved along with the neighborhood's population. In recent years, DTLA has seen a renaissance with a refreshing infusion of new art galleries, coffee shops,…Read more Grand Central Market | DTLA

Getting crafty with Utah liquor Laws

Utah’s alcohol laws have a reputation for being restrictive, to say the least. In recent years, however, lawmakers have made an effort to loosen the liquor laws. While it can still be difficult to find good cocktail bars in Salt Lake City, it’s not impossible. “When I first came out here I was one of…Read more Getting crafty with Utah liquor Laws

The origins of the all-American French dip

American menus can be misleading. Take French fries and the French dip sandwich for examples. Neither one is French in origin. Fries can be traced back to Belgium and the French dip isn’t from a francophone country at all. “In France, we don’t have a French dip sandwich. We don’t eat sandwiches like that,” said…Read more The origins of the all-American French dip