Inside my quarantine kitchen

I’ve always enjoyed cooking at home, but when the pandemic spread and the city began to shut down, homemade meals felt more necessary. Boy, was I ever glad that I knew how to cook.

Growing up, I spent a lot of time in the kitchen with my mom and grandma helping where I could. It would be simple tasks like cleaning and prepping vegetables or washing dishes. I still remember when my grandma taught me how to measure the amount of water for a pot of rice using the knuckle method.

It wasn’t until after college that I really wanted to learn how to make dishes that I grew up eating. To this day, I still call my mom and ask her how to make certain things. Recently, I had to ask my mom how to make Cantonese-style poached chicken with ginger and scallion sauce. I also consulted her when I was trying to nail down the flavor profile of stir-fried ong choy.

During the first few weeks of the quarantine, I was posting pictures of my dishes on Instagram jokingly referring to my posts as new menu items at Quarantine Kitchen. But I stopped posting because I thought there were more important messages that needed to be shared there when the Black Lives Matter protests began.

I kept cooking, of course. And I kept taking photos, which I’ll share here.

Bolognese on egg noodles


General Tso’s made with sautéed chicken


Sausage and egg breakfast tacos


Kimchi fried rice


Chile verde made with Hatch chiles


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