Oh hey, Heidi

I get assigned to cover a lot of food and drink events around town and I’m often allowed to bring a plus-one. A couple of weeks ago, I brought my friend Heidi to one such event that I was asked to photograph. When I warned Heidi that she might end up in some of the pictures, she protested.

“No! I’m not photogenic,” she said.

I disagreed and decided to prove her wrong. 

I’ve done a lot of portrait work lately — mostly corporate stuff and some for a personal project — but this shoot with my friend was much more fun. It took a while to convince her to let me take the pictures but she was a great sport about it.

I showed her friends and her boyfriend these photos and they all loved them. Sorry, Heidi. But I think I win this round.

HB2-1 HB2-3 HB2-7 HB2-8 HB2-10